Servant of Florence
Series 1, Episode 10
S1E10 Lisa Leo
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Lost and Found
Bandit Queen
Main Characters Leonardo da Vinci
Lisa Gherardini
Niccolo Machiavelli
Lorenzo de Medici
Villain(s) Piero de Medici
Production Info
Air date 6th June 2011

Servant of Florence is the tenth episode of Series One which was broadcast for the first time on CBBC for the first time on June 6, 2011.

Summary Edit

A startling discovery is made by Lisa after she gate-crashes a party to catch a glimpse of a champion sportsman.

After Lisa hears Piero talking she makes a connection with the shadowy figure she saw in the catacombs and realises who he really is.

Music Tracks Edit

  • Gorillaz - Starshine