Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Occupation: Assassin
Affiliations: Piero de Medici (Former employer)
Status: Deceased
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Vaneshran Arumugam
First Appearance: Diabolical Acts
Last Appearance: The Mask of Death

Dangerous and cruel, Scarpa believes he does his job with honour, ruthless to whoever he kills.

Biography Edit

Scarpa is hired by Piero de Medici to kill the Duke. Although he fires his arrow accurately, he only seriously injures the Duke thanks to the Duke's breastplate. As a result, Piero has to poison the Duke with Cyanide.

Scarpa is informed by Placidi that, because he failed to the Duke, Piero will not pay him. Intent on getting his money, Scarpa infiltrates the Medici Palace and recovers the Duke's handkerchief which has Cyanide on it. After blackmailing Piero, he leaves. Piero orders Placidi to kill him but, thinking better of it, has Placidi tell him that he will pay him double if he carries out one last job.

Although Scarpa follows Piero's orders, murdering Doctor Petrangelli, he is fatally stabbed by Placidi who reclaims the handkerchief from. Before he dies, Scarpa warns Placidi of how Piero won't think twice about killing him too when it comes to it.

Although Placidi makes no reply, he takes heed of his words and keeps hold of the handkerchief...

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