Rocco de' Medici
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Family: Duke of Florence† (father)
Piero de' Medici (uncle)
Teresa de' Medici (auntie)
Lorenzo de' Medici (cousin)
Place of Birth: Florence
Occupation: Duke of Florence
Affiliations: Florence
Status: Active
Weapon(s) Used: Sword
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Clayton Boyd
First Appearance: Stupid Cupid

Rocco de' Medici is the current Duke of Florence after his father was murdered at the hands of Piero de Medici. Although hasty at times, Rocco regrets abandoning his father and is pained with the news of his death.

Biography Edit

A born adventurer, Rocco left to travel the world. However he was believed to be dead after an incident at sea. Verrocchio told this to Tomaso. (The Mask of Death)

After hearing of his Father's death, Rocco returns to Florence much to Piero's distaste and begins to prepare for war against Milan. (Stupid Cupid)

Rocco refuses to listen to Leonardo who tries to convince him that he can build a super weapon. Later, Rocco is angered when Leo accidentally smashes the old Duke's statue. Rocco orders for Leo to be executed but is stopped when Tom, Lorenzo and Mac stand in the firing line. After realising his bad decisions, Rocco his convinced by Piero to accept the proposal of the super weapon. Rocco reveals to Piero how devastated he really is about his father's death. (The Tortoise and the Hare)

Rocco helps with the building of the Tank in Verrocchio's workshop. (By the Sword)

Rocco arrives upon the completion of the tank and states that nobody must go near it. (The Fugitive)

In the finale, Rocco learns of Piero's true nature and how his father really died. He, Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli are taken prisoner and named as Milanese spies. However the trio are rescued by Lorenzo de Medici and Rocco fights one on one with Piero. Rocco is stabbed by Piero in the dual but Leonardo steps in and fights out against Piero. Lorenzo then reveals that Piero is the traitor, leaving Rocco and the rest of Florence no longer intent on war. Rocco is last seen recovered from his injury and thanking Leonardo for all that he has done. (The Dogs of War)

Personality Edit

Rocco is often hot-headed and quick-tempered but this is due to his anger of his father's death. He is brave and will never cower from a fight even from a fight he can't win. His immense skill in sword fighting gives him the image of a dashing hero but inside Rocco is haunted by the face of his father, whom he wishes he could see one last time.

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