Illusion: Part 2
Series 2, Episode 02
Verrochio on the run
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The Betrothal Ball
Main Characters Leonardo da Vinci
Lisa Gherardini
Niccolo Machiavelli
Lorenzo de Medici
Villain(s) Piero de Medici
Production Info
Air date 13th September 2012

Perspective is the second episode of Series 2. It is also Part 2 of Illusion.

Synopsis Edit

Determined not to let Verrocchio get executed for a murder he did not commit, Leo, Tom and Mac race into action. While Mac and Tom think up a plan to get Verrocchio out of jail, Leonardo begs Piero to stop the game. When Piero refuses, Leonardo plans a dangerous escape for Verrocchio but, if it fails, it won't just be Verrocchio's head on the chopping block...

Music TracksEdit

  • Miles Kane - Come Closer