Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Florence
Occupation: Artist
Status: Active
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Kyle Grant
First Appearance: Angels and Cherubs

Michelangelo (full name Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni) was a famous painter from Florence and a rival of Leonardo da Vinci and Lisa Gherardini.


Michelangelo resided in Florence around the same time as Leonardo da Vinci and was also an apprentice at an unknown academy. He was Leo's major competitor and rival in the field of art. During the run-up to Florence's First Art Contest, Michelangelo, along with his fellow cronies, taunted Leo at every opportunity. Poking fun at his work, his station and even his friends. Oblivious to him, his followers even switched Leo's bottle of Linseed oil for Pine Oil, sabotaging his effort in the contest. Michelangelo was appalled when he found this out, defending himself that he would never cheat, he didn't need to cheat to win. He was later scammed into changing his entry to a battle scene by Machiavelli. During the contest, he was dismayed to see the Duke's reaction to his painting, but still readied himself to win. Visually disappointed at loosing to Tomaso, he was later seen arguing with one of his gang. (Angels and Cherubs)


Michelangelo was an arrogant and vain individual who always wanted to win. Keeping up with the latest trends, he enjoyed surrounding himself with a gaggle of followers who were not afraid to do his dirty work for him. He appeared to take great pleasure from taunting others and was very self assured. However, he did have some morals. When he was accused of cheating, he was appalled a t the very idea and apologised for what his followers had done.

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