Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Family: unnamed wife
Occupation: Henchman
Affiliations: Piero de Medici (master)
Status: Unknown
Weapon(s) Used: Sword
Series Info
Actor/Actress: John Herbert
First Appearance: Time Waits
Last Appearance: Enter the Robot

Mazzini was a member of the Luminari.

Biography Edit

Mazzini is sent by Piero de' Medici to obtain Schelling's Watch, a pocket watch with the power of time-travel. Mazzini searches the city morgue only to find that the watch has been taken by Leonardo da Vinci, having found some sketches of leg anatomy. Mazzini and his men track Leo down to Verrocchio's workshop. However, after finding no match in the workshop, Mazzini is forced to leave when Verrocchio tips a bucket of red paint on his head. Later Mazzini follows Leonardo, Tomaso, Machiavelli and Lorenzo to the morgue. Mazzini chases them through the catacombs and captures Tom. Mazzini threatens to kill Tom if Leo does not give him the watch. Mac gives Mazzini a fake which leads Piero to believe that the watch is not special at all. (Time Waits)

Mazzini tries to convince the people of Florence that the metal-suited man is a demon. He encourages the citizens to attack Leo and Mac when they attempt to explain that it is one of Leo's designs. Mazzini informs Piero of what happened and volunteers to deal with Leo. Mazzini then turns up at the workshop, armed with a Flintlock, and takes Leo and Tom captive. After making numerous threats, Mazzini falls unconscious due to an opiate prepared by Tom. (Enter the Robot)