Lorenzo de' Medici
Lorenzo 2
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Family: Piero de' Medici (father)
Teresa de' Medici (mother)
Rocco de' Medici (cousin)
Duke of Florence† (uncle)
Place of Birth: Florence
Status: Active
Weapon(s) Used: Sword
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Colin Ryan
First Appearance: Anything is Possible

Lorenzo de Medici was the son of Piero and Teresa. Born into the most powerful and wealthy banking family in Italy. He is close friends with Leonardo da Vinci, Machiavelli and Tomaso. In the second series, he was engaged to Angelica, daughter of the Duke of Pisa, much to his displeasure. The Duke of Florence is his uncle.


Born on the 9th June 1453, he shared the same birthday as his father, Piero. (The Lightning Box)

At some point, Lorenzo becomes close friends with Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli.

Lorenzo and his friends meet Tomaso Gherardini and soon find out that Tom is a girl named Lisa, disguised as a boy so that she can paint. (Anything is Possible)

Unknown to Lorenzo, his father is the leader of the Luminari, a group dedicated to bringing the Duke of Florence to his knees and was responsible for the theft of Leonardo's notebook. (Da Vinci's Code)

At the Medici's celebrity party, Lorenzo's friends find out about Piero's involvement in the Luminari. However, Leo, Lisa and Mac are refrain from telling Lorenzo. Leo and Lisa don't want to hurt Lorenzo while Mac suspects Lorenzo may be involved. (Servant of Florence)


A keen fencer, always trying to impress his father, whom he thinks is unimpressed with him. Unknowing that his father is leader of the Luminari.

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