Lisa/Tomaso Gheradini
Biographical Info
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Rural Florence
Occupation: Artist's Apprentice
Status: Active
Weapon(s) Used: Sword
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Flora Spencer-Longhurst
First Appearance: Anything is Possible

Lisa Gherardini came to Florence to fulfill her dream of becoming an artist. As a girl, this dream could never become a reality, so she desguised hersef as a boy called Tomaso Gherardini. Upon arriving in Florence, Lisa became close friends with Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolo Machiavelli and Lorenzo de' Medici.


Lisa came to Florence to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. Knowing that this could never be achived as a woman, she disguised herself a boy, renamed herself Tomaso and proceded to seek experience in the city. Sadly, without a letter of recomendation, no one could accept her.

After bumping into Leonardo da Vinci, Machiavelli and Lorenzo de Medici, she was abducted by Caporaso and brought before the Luminari and Piero de Medici. Offering her the letter of recommendation she so needed, and the promise of work with Maestro Verocchio, she found herself blackmailed into stealing Leo's Note Book.

Once confronted by the gang, she admitted what had happened, and gave the book back to Leonardo. Caporaso still managed to obtain the book, and when the group entered the catacombs to search for it, it was revealed to the gang that Tomaso was actually a girl. Promising to keep her secret, they soon became close friends.

Lisa is a kind hearted girl who is trying to get along in a world where it is illegal for a woman to be, She gains a crush on Leo midway through the series but unknown to her Mac also gains a crush on her.

She was painted by Leo to become the legendary Mona Lisa.

Lisa finds out Mac had crush on her but remains interested in Leo. (The Betrothal Ball

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