Leonardo: The Game
Leonardo - The Game
Production Info
Release Date 13th September 2012
Created by Plug-in Media
Produced by Kindle Entertainment
Narrated by Colin Ryan
Game Guide
Characters Leonardo da Vinci
Lisa Gherardini
Niccolo Machiavelli
Lorenzo de Medici
Duke of Florence
Villain(s) Il Drago
Piero de Medici
Vehicle(s) Bike

Leonardo Game Banner

Leonardo: The Game, otherwise known as the Leonardo Game, is a video game created by Plug-in Media, produced by Kindle Entertainment and narrated by Colin Ryan (Lorenzo de Medici). It follows the series storyline and consists of many chapters putting together an action-packed adventure where the team face the conniving Il Drago.

Play Adventure Edit

After a shadowy crook named 'Il Drago' raids the workshop on the hunt for Leo's inventions, Leonardo is thrown into a series of raids and chases in an attept to get back his designs. But Il Drago is dangerous and works for someone else...

Chases Edit

You, as Leonardo, must chase after the thieves and reclaim your designs.

  • Bike Chase
  • Submarine Chase
  • Wings Chase
  • Tank Chase

Quick Races Edit

The Quick Races were included on the game. These were racing games with Leaderboards.

  • Race Bike
  • Race Sub
  • Race Wings
  • Race Tank

Practice Games Edit

Several other video games were made following the game and these were known as the Practice Games. The Practice games were to train the player for the chases and races in Leonardo: The Game.