Series 2, Episode 11
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By the Sword
The Fugitive
Main Characters Leonardo da Vinci
Lisa Gherardini
Niccolo Machiavelli
Lorenzo de Medici
Angelica Visconti
Villain(s) Piero de Medici
Production Info
Air date 22nd November 2012
Directed by Steve Hughes

Hitched is the eleventh episode of Series Two.

Synopsis Edit

While Lorenzo and Angelica prepare for their wedding, Mac tells his friends he's leaving, unable to let his heart break. Determined to stop Mac from leaving, Leo and Tom help him pull off an exciting but risky facade which involves tricking the Medici family into engaging Lorenzo to a more wealthy bride and infiltrating a convent.

But even if the plan succeeds, will Mac stay with his friends or run away with Angelica?

Music Tracks Edit

  • Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows
  • Billy Idol - White Wedding
  • Fixers - Floating Up
  • Paloma Faith - Picking Up The Pieces