Giacomo Promo
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Occupation: Crook
Status: Active
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Adam Neil
First Appearance: Lost and Found

Giacomo is a trickster and crook who resides in Florence.

Biography Edit

Giacomo is known for always getting himself into feuds. (Lost and Found)

Giacomo attempted to trick Sofia Gherardini out of her money, by pretending he had seen her missing daughter Lisa. He tried to lure her into an alley and run off with the reward money. However, when Leonardo da Vinci got involved, Giacomo and Leo were arrested by the Nightwatchmen for breaking the curfew. After Giacomo was released, he stalked the streets looking for revenge on Leo. He soon found Lisa's clothes as Tomaso and stole them. He later threatened Sofia to give her the money. Seeing no other way out, Sofia gave Giacomo the reward money of 100 florins. (Lost and Found)

Appearances Edit

Series One Edit

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