Duke of Florence
Duke of Florence
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Family: Rocco de' Medici (son)
Piero de' Medici (cousin)
Lorenzo de' Medici (nephew)
Place of Birth: Florence
Status: Deceased (murdered by Piero de' Medici)
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Graham Hopkins
First Appearance: Angels and Cherubs
Last Appearance: The Mask of Death (corpse)

A man of courage and virtue, the old Duke gave all he could to prevent war and prolong peace.

Biography Edit

The Duke of Florence was the most important and powerful man in Florence. He was the father of Rocco de Medici, the cousin of Piero de Medici and the second cousin of Lorenzo de Medici. He believed his son to be dead after he was said to be lost at sea. Piero was desperate to remove the Duke from power and become Duke himself. Piero attempts to overthrow the Duke through a series of schemes but thanks to Leonardo da Vinci and his friends, these schemes failer.

The Duke eventually is poisoned by Piero after being seriously wounded by an arrow supposedly fired by a Milanese assassin (it was actually fired by Scarpa who'd been hired by Piero).

Just before Piero's coronation, the Duke's son, Rocco, turns up, becomes Duke and declares war against Milan.