Diabolical Acts
Series 2, Episode 05
Diabolical Acts
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Main Characters Leonardo da Vinci
Lisa Gherardini
Lorenzo de Medici
Angelica Visconti
Villain(s) Donnola
Production Info
Air date 11th October 2012

Diabolical Acts is the fifth episode of Series Two and aired on 11th October 2012.

Synopsis Edit

When Tom lands both herself and Leo parts in a play put on in honour of Lorenzo's engagement, she plans to tell Leo about her feelings for him. Little do the pair know that a sinister plot is at hand backstage preformed by the play company. meanwhile Lorenzo finds that wooing his fiance is easier said than done while Piero hires an assassin to carry out a job for him...

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Music Tracks Edit

  • Paloma Faith - Upside Down
  • Sia - Breathe Me