Carlo Cazali
Carlo Cazali
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Pisa
Occupation: Crook for hire
Status: Unknown
Series Info
Actor/Actress: James Alexander
First Appearance: The Lightning Box

Carlo Cazali was a small time crook for hire and close friend of Machiavelli.


Origonaly from Piza, Carlo spent a lot of his youth growing up in the gutters along side Machavelli. He came to Florence when working for Pozzo, Piza's most wanted crimainal. He claimed he was instructed to steal The Lightning Box, which was in the posession of Piero de Medici. His first attempt to gain entry to the palace, eneded in him beng shot in the leg by an arrow. After this, he went to his long time friend, Mac, to ask for help. With help from Leonardo, Mac stole the Lightning Box and replaced it with a replica, Leonardo is desperate to see how it works. After dismantling it, then putting it back together again, Leonardo hands it over to Mac, who delivers it to Carlo. Carlo reveals he is not working for Pozzo, he is infact planning to sell the Lightning Box for himself. (The Lightning Box)

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