Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Occupation: Henchman
Affiliations: Luminari
Status: Unknown
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Chris Olley
First Appearance: Anything is Possible
Last Appearance: Enter the Robot

Caporaso was the right hand man of Piero de Medici. A common thug for hire and member of the Luminari. Often sent to do the dirty work that the Luminari needed done and help keep Piero's secret identity safe.


Caporaso was recruited by Piero de Medici to assist the Luminari with their more dubious and questionable tasks. In his first notiable appearence he is stalking Leonardo da Vinci through the streets of Florence in an attempt to steal the Note Book. He also abducted Tomaso and brought him to the catacombs to face the Luminari.

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